Noise Is a Big Issue for People Living in Apartments

People Living in Apartments

Loud noise is never a pleasant thing for the human ear. Most of the people cannot live happily at those places where there is a loud noise.

When we talk about apartment dwellers, we have to consider the noise problem for them. There should be awareness among people for this issue. The noise problem is a dangerous problem for human ea as it can deprive human of listening power too. People living in apartments have to face loud noise mostly because of some reasons. There should be awareness among others to keep these people away from loud noise so that they can also live peacefully and happily.

Most of the apartments present at basement level or underground has the problem that they are present near the level of the street or beneath the street problem. Both kinds of apartments are a prey of noise pollution. Apartments present beneath the street level has to face the difficulty that he people are walking at street often knock their doors or throw something at the window glasses. There are also the people talking loudly with each other whereas loud horns, music and chitchat of people are also a source of noise pollution for people living there. Owing to their location the sound reflect back in the basement and comes more.

So, people have to face big deal of difficulty. Even the people living at upper levels keep using the elevators or stars all the time whose voice causes irritation for them. Similarly, there is the noise of the children and other people going at the upper levels as they have to use the way regularly at any time of the day. The people living at the level above the basement when walk, run, pull or push something’s peak loudly or increase the volume of their TV sets, Decks or other things cause the noise problem for the basement residence.

Similarly, people who are the neighbor of each other at apartment building are a source of noise for each other. Whenever on enters or leaves houses it causes irritation for the other. Children do not sit with peace or quietly. They keep on making noises and forming sounds without any reason. This kind of vice creates problem for the other neighbors. Sometimes people start quarreling with one another, and their loud voice causes a noise problem for others. These people should even quarrel with low voices so that their neighbors might not get irritated. Some of the people are in the habit of viewing the movies, songs or TTV in very loud voices.

These kinds of people are a source of continuous tension not only for their neighbors but only for their family members too. Because listening to loud volume continuously will not only effect the listening power but also causes a disturbance while performing another task especially study or religious activates. Therefore, along with many of the benefits in apartments here is the severe problem of noise pollution in the apartments too.